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Everest Trekking, Hiking & Cycling
Trekking, Hiking & Cycling

Nepal and Himalayas have been the synonym words for Nepal enjoys the pride of having 8 out of 10 highest peaks of the world! We don’t have only mountains but our unique geography has given us green hills and valleys, rivers, subtropical forests and flat lands all adding beauty to our country. Apart from geographical diversity, we have incredible cultural diversity within the boundary of our small Himalayan Kingdom . We have a number of ethnic groups, each with their own languages, cultures, and costumes, all living in perfect harmony.
1. Everest Conservation Area (Towering view of world’s highest mountain)
2. Annapurna Conservation Area (Nepal’s largest protected area)
3. Kangchenjunga (Protected area in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal)
4. Trekking (Discovering Nepal on foot)
5.Biking (Pleasant scenic ride on one of the finest bike trails on Earth!)

  • 3day
  • Rs. 500

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